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Since 1972, after having interrupted university studies in philosophy, I have dedicated my life to wine; wine meaning food deeply bound to our culture. The business, handed down to me from my father, is situated in the area of Bersagliera in Castello di Serravalle, on the initial western slopes of the Bolognesi hills.
The return to country traditions, respect for nature and the seasons, have always been the inspiring principles of my wine-making activities.
The vineyards, from the oldest, more than thirty years old, to the most recent, face the north-west at an altitude of approximately 150-200 metres above sea level.
I practice short pruning and further thinning out in the summer, keeping to the minimum the use of fungicides.
I make the well-ripened grapes, picked by hand, into wine in stainless steel at a controlled temperature.
I believe that for some wines the storing in small oak barrels heightens the sensory qualities.
After a light filtration the wine is bottled and aged in the wine cellar before being marketed.
To taste my wines will be like shaking my hand
Name of the firm: Virgilio Sandoni

Address: Via Valle del Samoggia 780

Location: 40050 Bersagliera di Castello di Serravalle

Telephone and Fax: 0516703188

Mobile telephone: 335483181


Website address:

Year founded: 1972

Hectares of land cultivated as grape vine: 5,50

Soil: medium clayey mixture with emergence of gravel in places

Method of farming: vertical walls of cord pushed into the ground

Grape harvest: selected by hand into small crates

Main vine plants grown:

Pignoletto, chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Barbera, cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot.

Owner: Virgilio Sandoni

Total number of bottles produced in a year: about 30.000

Visits to the firm: by appointment, preferably Saturdays